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From there, I will post a Top 1000 Anime Songs of All Time list. I'm wondering if people are interested in running a sort of "Song of the Week" event as a way to get people hooked on anime music.

I'm compiling and ranking the songs offline as the list grows. At this point, I'd be more than willing to help run it if there is sufficient interest in such a project.

v=Szm0n Zf Bw Ls) 9) Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto - opening 1 of Macross Frontier 2008 r HXC_r E6Vac PV version ( actually I have a list of songs beforehand that I will post on Saturday or Sunday and the amazing thing is that I have at least one song from your recommendations (Lum no Love, Ai wo Torimodose, Sori Ga Ai Deshou, Yakusoku wa Iranai and Tonari no Totoro) included for week 2. v=v Th YGCOh6c U) by Zard - Dragon Ball GT second ending. v=AXt4SWSS5a4) Hero TV's 100 Anime Singles Sales of the 1st Half of 2010 Pt. Your other recommendations are very familiar and I'm sure I'll induct them in the coming weeks. v=_no TVEnub-Y) by Maximum the Hormone - Death Note second ending. But then after rebooting firefox it works again right until I enter this topic again o.o;strange for some reason when I enter this topic youtube plays the vids with no sound and from that point on as well if I go to to watch something.