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06-Oct-2017 02:46

On his last birthday, she sent him a music box with a twirling ballerina on top.

There had been no end to the humiliating gifts, each one seeming more humiliating than the next. She was always telling his Mother that he was too pretty to be a boy and stuff like that.

Once, she took them shopping for new clothing and embarrassed the snot out of him.

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So I don't understand why you are putting up such a fuss. How can you call that red velvet sailor suit she gave me for Christmas anything but weird? I felt like a complete dork going to church dressed in that. If she didn't care for you, she wouldn't want you to visit in the first place. You hate sports and have a delicate disposition so I can see why she treats you the way she does. Her driver will be here to pick you up so don't be late.

I already promised the guys that I would sign up for summer ball. I don't know anybody there and besides if Paul loves you so much he will marry you when he gets back. Who in their right mind sends her nephew such stupid stuff and she treats me like a girl," he retorted. Margaret buys you the nicest things whenever she visits. My mind's made up and you are going to spend the summer with your Aunt.

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