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07-Jul-2017 22:46

In case of refugees, the procedure of acquiring Residence Permits (which are issued under Rule 6 of the Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1992) involves application to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office on the basis of a letter issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs together with submission of identity documents such as Residence Proof, Identity Proof and a Police Clearance Certificate.

In the past, no fee was charged to the refugee either during a fresh application for RP or during renewals.

Thus, in most cases, refugees are forced to wait for nearly one and a half to two years before applying for Residence Permits, which is granted only to a recognized refugee.

Conclusion Confusion still prevails, with the inability of the bureaucracy to explain clearly the reasons for introducing this policy after years of not imposing a fee on refugees.

Thus, while refugees did not have to pay either the visa or the penalty fee, since December 2008, they would have do so.It also enables them to avail of assistance and protection in India under the laws.Given that there is no refugee management policy or law in India, this is a positive step and a recognition of refugees' distinct status in India.This article intends to give an overview of the Residence Permit policy, the changes that have been made in the recent past and in doing so, understand the confusion with the Government circles on this matter and the consequences this has for refugees and the larger constitutional provisions that claim to protect refugees.

Procedure to be followed by a Refugee to Apply for Residence Permit According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (as per information received in response to the RTI application to the Ministry of Home Affairs dated 23 March 2009), the procedure for obtaining residence permits applicable to foreigners is also applicable to refugees recognized by UNHCR.As áreas de Latossolos se apresentam originalmente cobertas por floresta tropical, floresta semicaducifólia (Sul do Estado) e campos cerrados.